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** Note **

We quickly respond to all enquiries providing they are submitted via our online Project Finance Enquiry form and the form is correctly completed. We will not fully commit to any funding, until a thorough validation and evaluation of your business model and your financials by our analysts and external resource persons has been duly completed.
To ensure we do not waste valuable time on unrealistic enquiries we do not enter discussions in any form until we have a full understanding of your project’s potential and risks. We therefore do not offer meetings, hold telephone discussions or return telephone calls until we are satisfied with your project viability based on your proposal and the market variables.
Please do not send us additional communications during the application phase as it delays the application process. We do not finance projects valued at less than $1,000,000, we do not finance acquisitions and we do not finance projects in Afghanistan,Iraq, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Libya or Nigeria.
All our official communications are in English. We do not offer a translation service.

Please read the notes above to ensure that you fill in the online form correctly.