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Are you considering a small Project Finance for your business? If you’re looking for information to help you choose the one that’s right for you, familiarize yourself with the list below. :
What types of business financing are you interested in obtaining at this time?

1.Project Finance

2.Cash advance against credit card income

3.Loan for equipment purchase

4.Commercial loan

By fully understanding each client’s unique investment objectives and issues (such as investment length or incomes tax the specific conditions and goals of each client requirements) we provide the most suitable asset management and wealth planning opportunities. HKSIG offers exclusive investment vehicles to propel your business/venture to the next level.
Source Funding


HKSIG works with selected depository banks who offer the infrastructure that enables us to optimally manage investments for our clients. We cooperate with top-tier banks located in four of the most politically and financially stable countries: Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany and China (Shanghai).

These banks are not involved in investment decisions. Our advisors independently select securities for our clients based on their specific financial objectives. Our partner banks do, however, provide enhanced benefits and competitive rates to our clients. We match each client with the bank that will meet their unique needs by estimating the number and type of securities necessary to successfully implement the strategy. We then provide the client with a quote regarding expected costs at different banks. HKSIG’s clients enjoy competitive and secure service with highly advantageous rights. Thanks to our strategic partnership with depository banks, we offer one of the leading platforms in deposit management – and our clients avoid the higher rates and fees of traditional banks.

To ensure maximum convenience, we open an account in each client’s name. This empowers them to actively monitor investments via secure internet access. In the initial stages of client engagement, we develop mutually defined contracts and investment frameworks, based on the clients’ personal and financial situations and goals. As their asset manager, clients grant HKSIG management authorization. This enables us to realize investment opportunities that align with and support their wealth management objectives.

Funds can be made available in form of cash, investments made directly as a physical investment or indirectly via index certificates, shares in commodity companies or investment funds, through Private equity consist of private, long-term equity investments in companies that are not publicly traded on a stock exchange. Due to their strategy, private equity funds are classified. Investments in private equity funds are generally held over the long term with an investment horizon of several years.


Angel investors invest in early-stage of start-up companies in exchange for a 20 to 25 percent return on their investment. They have helped to start up many prominent companies, including Google and Costco. Mark DiSalvo, CEO of private equity fund provider Semaphore said, “You are likely to get an investor who has strategic experience, so they can provide tactical benefit to the company they are investing in”.


Venture capital is money that is given to help build new start-ups that are considered to have both high-growth and high-risk potential. Fast-growth companies with an exit strategy already in place can gain up to tens of millions of dollars that can be used to invest, and grow their company.

Venture capitalists focus on specific industries; they can generally offer advice to entrepreneurs on whether the product will be successful or what they need to do to bring it to market. However, venture capitalists have a short leash when it comes to company loyalty and often look to recover their investment within a three- to five-year time window.


Through this process, a lender will front you the money on invoices that have been billed out, which you then pay back once the customer has settled the bill. This way, the business can grow by providing the funds necessary to keep it going while waiting for customers to pay for outstanding invoices. These advances allow companies to close the pay gap between billed work and payments to suppliers and contractors. By closing the pay gap, companies can accept new projects more quickly t to help business owners grow their businesses and hire new workers by ensuring steady cash flow.


Crowd funding can give a boost to financing a small business. They allow businesses to pool small investments from a number of investors instead of having to look for a single investment. We ensure to read the fine prints of different crowd funding investors before any recommendation to clients, as some sites have payment-processing fees, or require businesses to raise their full stated goal in order to keep any of the money raised.


Businesses focused on science or research may be able to get grants from the government. The SBA offers grants through agencies such as Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs and many others that are not publicly advertised. Recipients of these grants are required to meet specific government research-and-development goals, and have a high potential for commercialization and in addition to government grants, entrepreneurs can also apply for grant offers from certain banks, companies and non-profits. Some programs even offer special grants for small businesses that are engaged in research and development. However, don’t confuse a business grant with a loan, the difference between grants and small Project Finance is that grants generally don’t require any major portion to be paid back, and are very few and far between.

Online lenders have become a popular alternative to traditional Project Finances. These platforms have the advantage of speed, as an application takes only about an hour to complete, and the decision and accompanying funds can be issued within days. Because of the ease and quickness of online lending, economist and former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers said at the 2015 Lend It conference that he expects online lenders to eventually reach more than 70 percent of small businesses.

Most of our clients prefer to increase their wealth through conservative, low-volatility investments. To meet their needs, we develop appropriate strategies, utilizing carefully selected investments. HKSIG follows a value-oriented investment approach with a strong focus on constant and predictable cash flow as well as an exclusion of investments that lead to loss of purchasing power.