Project Finance Proposals

One of our premium services is the preparation of Project Finance Proposals which is within our General Business Consultancy Services.  We are expert and adept at scaling the level of our services and we can handle business structures from sole trader to corporations and we have successfully prepared proposals to raise from as low as $1 million to as high as $500 million. Be it an established or a start-up venture, the facilitation of purchasing fixed assets or to expand the scope of your business operations, we are well versed and experienced to assist you. Simply get in contact with one of our experts today, who are highly regarded by both local and foreign based banks and financing institutions, who can promptly and efficiently produce a comprehensive Project Finance Proposal to meet your particular needs. Before you step into the bank, it is important to know what you’re looking for when you are considering taking a Project Finance. You should do some relevant research and get the complete information for the decision-making process. Below is a listing of the typical documents required for preparing a successful Project Finance Proposal.   The loan proposal process can be greatly expedited if you do your research and come prepared with as much of the background information as possible. Please note however that depending on the size and complexity of your loan some of the categories listed below may not be required.

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Financing Proposal
  4. Collateral Offerings
  5. Information about the Borrower
  6. Description of the Business
  7. Description of the Market and Marketing Strategy
  8. Information relating to your Business Performance
  9. Explanation of Management Information and Personnel Requirements
  10. Historical Financial Information
  11. Financial Projections
  12. Supporting Documents i.e. quotations, invoices, appraisals and valuations
  13. Environmental Impact Assessments
  14. Photographs
  15. Confirmation that any regulatory and compliance obligations have been satisfied